Resources for Pastors and Churches

Growing healthy, vibrant and biblical churches takes time and resources. Below you will find some resources to help you evaluate, change and grow your church and its ministries as well as information on how you can grow as a person in ministry.



If you or someone in your church is interested in ordination, please contact  Andy Flowers.


informational Web Links

helpful Lists and forms

Interim and Pulpit Supply List
When you need an experienced and quality pulpit or interim pastor, we have a few to recommend. Download our list below or contact us.

Interim and Pulpit Supply Application
Wanting to become an interim or pulpit supply? Fill out the form below.


Pastoral Search
We provide a checklist as an overview for the search team process, from the selection of the search team through the installation of a new pastor. Download the packet below.  We also can assist you in creating a profile to match the right candidate for your church. Contact our office. 

Contact Beth Whitney.