Silver Spur Building Project Update

Despite several weeks of rain and snow, progress continues on Silver Spur’s new 320- seat worship center. The outer shell of the new facility is nearly complete with only porch roofing still needing to be installed. Tradesmen have been working the past two weeks on the rough plumbing, ventilation and electrical with hopes that insulation and drywall can be hung soon.

Outside the building, crews have tapped into the camp’s main water system and will soon be installing a fire hydrant and back-flow prevention system to service the building. Once the ground dries, work will begin on the hardscape around the front and side of the building. John Brawn, a volunteer whose organization has been using Silver’s Spurs facilities for over three decades, has been working with the camp staff on the design of a stage lighting and sound system. The camp hopes to enlist the help of other volunteers to install the system once drywalling and painting have been completed. While there is no date certain as to when the facility will be completed, it is hoped that the camp’s summer groups will be able to enjoy the new facility in air-conditioned comfort.

Currently, $70,000 is still needed to complete and furnish this much anticipated facility. Please consider making a pledge or donation today as we prepare for the next 50 . Donate Here

Thanks for your support.

Vic Connor

Executive Director