Church Planting Update

Daniel Huskey, Lead Pastor, The Parish Church


When the Lord first called our family to the North Bay to plant, we knew that the task set before us was going to require an amount of faithfulness and patience like we'd never experienced before. After being on the ground for a little over a year, we can see why. Despite nearly 10 years in vocational ministry and almost 2 years spent in a ministry context specifically designed to prepare and train us for church planting, this season of ministry has been unlike anything we've ever experienced. But by the grace of the Lord, our worship, devotion, and affections for Christ are growing in ways we never could've imagined.

Planting in a culture steeped in and even spearheading a large swath of the post-Christendom movement has caused us to stop and rethink a lot of what we "thought" we knew about church planting. We've quickly realized that most of the rubrics that have been developed for church planting in other parts of the country, or even other parts of California, don't translate well to Southern Sonoma/Northern Marin Counties. This doesn't mean that there isn't a lot to still be learned from our faithful brothers and sisters laboring well elsewhere, but it does mean that we have to be extra sensitive to how well those lessons translate to our specific context. This means that we've had to ask: How do we take the gospel to people that are far from God in a culture where inviting them to a church service simply isn't a viable option?

And this is where the rubber stared hitting the road. Along with our core team, we've been able to gain inroads into our cities and start gaining traction through relationships. We've seen the faithfulness of the Lord in sending workers for the harvest (people who have joyfully and excitedly joined our core team) and giving us favor in various arenas of our cities. We continue to strive forward in making disciples who increasingly submit all of their lives to Jesus and teach others to do the same. 

We are just 2 months away from launching our core team into Petaluma to start our inaugural Missional Community (the primary organizing structures of The Parish Church) and it seems that the Spirit is saturation our neighborhoods in preparation of us getting here. It's an amazing blessing for us to see the Lord call other people to the vision that he initially planted in our hearts years ago. We're excited to be in this season of ministry and are hopeful in anticipation of what the Lord is going to do!

We're so thankful for our partnership with NextGen. Your prayers, support, and equipping have no doubt played an invaluable role in our desire to show and share the gospel of grace in our cities so that every man, woman, and child would have a daily encounter with Jesus. That's no small vision, but we serve a great God! Thank you, NextGen, for your passion to equip church planters and for being faithful to the Biblical mandate of planting churches! We're excited to continue to serve alongside you as we join Christ in the renewal of all things.