Church Planting Update

Josh Wroten, Director of Church Planting

Our goal is to plant 25 churches over the next 10 years! After a bit of drought in church planting, it is exciting to see our network of churches investing in planting healthy churches. But as I sit here writing this update, I realize that we are already in the final stages of signing two church planters to contracts and after this is finalized, we won't have any additional budget money until 2017! :(

Having planted a church 14 years ago and now leading our church planting efforts for the past 4 years, I know firsthand that it takes two things to plant churches: leadership and money. I believe that NextGen has made great progress in the area of leadership. We have sustainable systems that allow us to assess, resources, coach, and hold accountable church planters.

The area we are lacking is money. Currently, we have just over 100 churches in our network. Imagine what we could do if we invest in planting churches together! I know that each church is a different size with different resources in different situations...but just as we preach to our congregations that everyone can do something, we should also preach to ourselves that each church can do something. What good is it to be part of a network if we only participate in name only? Jesus said, "Where your treasure is there will your heart be also." What we value as a network of churches will be demonstrated through our budgets! Here are three meaningful ways to immediately start participating in church planting:

  1. Designate missions money to NextGen for the purpose of church planting. Some churches have "extra" missions money from 2015 that hasn't been spent. We would love to spend it for you!
  2. Encourage staff and key leaders to consider church planting assessment. Church planting is a cultural value that will only be talked about until the Lead Pastor decides to move forward. Does your church have great potential planters? They will never move forward until they are encouraged to do so.
  3. Talk with your board about becoming a "mother" church for a church planter in your area. I would love to meet with your missions team and/or church board to discuss meaningful ways for your church to play an active role in planting.

It is my prayer that through our leadership at NextGen, you can safely invest in church planting knowing that we will be wise stewards of what is given. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at or (510) 857-7049