Ordination of Joe Brown

Last month, several pastors from our association gathered at Calvary Community Church in Manteca to hold an ordination council for Joe Brown. Joe has been active in ministry for years and is currently serving as the Lead Pastor at Calvary Community Church. After a unanimous recommendation from the Calvary Community Deacon Board and the NextGen pre-ordination committee, an Ordination Council was formed. The Ordination Council was one of the final steps in a process that included compiling doctrinal statements, exerting a passage and writing a sermon, meeting with a pre-ordination board and lots of prayer.

In the Baptist tradition, we understand that it is God who ordains us for Gospel ministry. The role of the association is to work together with the church to confirm and clarify that calling. During the process, we spend time with the candidate to ensure that he has indeed been called by God and that his belief falls within the bounds of orthodoxy and aligns with our Baptist tradition.

During the Ordination Council, Joe was questioned in three key areas: call to ministry, theology and practical ministry. Joe did an outstanding job answering every question and was unanimously recommended for ordination by the delegation of pastors that were present. 

If you or someone in your church is interested in ordination, please contact Andy Flowers.