Is God Calling You to Plant a Church?

Next Generation Churches is passionate about starting new churches. We believe that new churches are the most effective way to fulfill the mission of Jesus Christ! Our goal is plant 25 churches in our region over the next 10 years. 

We believe that healthy church planters are the key to starting and sustaining healthy churches. To ensure that our church planting efforts are prepared and sustainable, we look for four key elements:

The right person – NextGen requires that all church planters participate in an approved church planting assessment. Currently we partner with Excel Leadership Network in offering the Discovery Center to all our planters.

The right plan – NextGen requires that a thorough prospectus be prepared that outlines the vision, philosophy of ministry, strategies, budget, and timeline for the new church plant.

The right funding – NextGen provides investments not grants. We are looking for planters who desire an ongoing partnership relationship with NextGen.

The right coaching – NextGen is committed to providing high level coaching for every church planter. Paul Thome leads the coaching of all our church planters. Click here to learn more.


If you are interested in learning more about partnering with NextGen for church planting, you can contact Josh Wroten.


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